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As the season progressed I pondered the fact that I held an unused Nebraska small game permit. The original intent, when I purchased it in June, was to hunt prairie chickens in September, which never happened. It became imperative to get out there and hunt, but we were entering the month of December when prairie chickens had largely vacated the ground I wished to hunt, so it was time to back up 10 yards and punt. I decided to load the camper and head to the Kansas border for Bobs, pheasant, and waterfowl-once again, familiar territory.

Quail hunting was up and down, with some real good moments making it worthwhile. Pheasant hunting was not all that great so I approached it as more of a trophy challenge, relishing the few roosters Rusty and I were able to outrun.

Hunting pressure was ridiculous in many places this year and this spot was in the top two. The other was closer to home. These Nebraska birds certainly showed the pressure, especially rooster pheasants. It also didn't take long for Gentleman Bob to turn into BeelzeBob. It seems the pheasants were more than willing to lend him a pair of track shoes.

Duck hunting is what put this journey over the top, the cherry on the sundae if you will. One good mixed bag morning on the lakeshore lead to two great mornings in a wooded pond behind the lakeshore spot. All "hike in" duck hunting. The two days in the pond were greening teal days, a favorite for me here since we don't see many colored up drakes back in Wyoming come winter.

I should have taken more photos than I did, but here is what I have.
[[URL=https://www.jpgbox.com/page/62479_1000x667/] [/URL]]
[/[URL=https://www.jpgbox.com/page/62480_512x768/] [/URL]]
[[URL=https://www.jpgbox.com/page/62481_512x768/] [/URL]]
[/[URL=https://www.jpgbox.com/page/62482_1000x667/] [/URL]]
[[URL=https://www.jpgbox.com/page/62483_536x768/] [/URL]]
[/[URL=https://www.jpgbox.com/page/62484_499x768/] [/URL]]
[[URL=https://www.jpgbox.com/page/62485_512x768/] [/URL]]
[/[URL=https://www.jpgbox.com/page/62486_568x768/] [/URL]]

Only catch snowflakes on your tongue AFTER the birds fly south for the winter...
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As always, a good write up and excellent photos!

A very successful hunt seems to me. And that ol Cogswell is doing you well,

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Great adventures! Thanks for sharing.
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